Not everyone in this world is bad but not everyone in the world is good. Please beware of some users who may try and destroy the site. I would like to help the site grow and I think you will as well but I have to set down some rules.

  • Please don't vandalize any page on this site you will only end up getting banned from the site. Your first time vandalizing a page you will be banned for three days next time a week next time two weeks next time four and so on. There is no reason to vandalize a page.
  • Please make sure that all the content you post is suitable for all age groups because on this site we allow users of all ages and all parts of the site we don't want them to read/see anything that they should not see. Automatic block forever if you write or send a link to something unsuitable.
  • No cussing on this site! People caught cussing will face a one day ban and next time a two day ban and so on.
  • When you have finished writing an article you have one hour to update it to the article listings or else you will get an automatic ban for one day.
  • No racist comment homophobic comments or the like I am serious about this anything like that will recieve a one week block.
  • There are categorys that only Fuzuzu or other admins can add articles to and if someone else adds an article to them will recieve a three day ban.
  • Don't make pointless edits just for the points. The first time you will get a warning. Next time a one day ban after that a one week ban and after that two week ban.
  • Don't be stupid or a bully on chat. Talk about something cool and fun instead of fighting with some guy cause he called you fat. Do you see those guys with the star beside there name? Don't make them throw you off. First time you act bad on chat you will get a warning and after that you are banned from chat.
  • Remember to enjoy yourself while we are on the site because just remember you are here to have fun but just remember how far it can go.
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